Authentic and gourmet, festive but polite, L’Affable has been delighting the parisian 7th arrondissement since November 2011. Its owner, Olivier Hélion, has imagined a chic gourmet bistro mixing fine products with good wines and friends and customers.

Vintage posters, fluffy benches, Atelier Nectoux’s zinc counter and antique wood floor, at L’Affable, we simply love authenticity.
On the plate, chef Julien Guilloret showcases seasonal products with perfection while the head sommelier guides you with delight through the 80 references of his cellar.

Attentive service, small intentions and good manners, at L’Affable, whether you are a regular or just passing by you will always feel at home…


Changing every 2 month
Suggestions board

Board lunch menu – 30€

Privatization saturday

Our sommelier Franck-Emmanuel Mondésir referencing, directs us to the bottle to be tasted for itself, to the one that calls for a little more elaborate dishes.

We will be delighted to share with you some chord ideas as well as good Bacchic anecdotes.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 12am to 2pm / from 7:30pm to 10:30pm